Dog confined to filthy cage in scorching heat was rescued right before slaughter

Emily is a dog with a very difficult life. She lived in a dirty cage in a dog meat farm, South Korea.

Fortunately, the Humane Society of the United States rescued her during a hot day.

Emily had a very bad state of health at that time.

A lot of her hair was missing and she had scabies. Given that she was not treated in any way, her health condition only worsened day by day.

In addition to all that she suffered, Emily should have been slaughtered. Fortunately, good people saved her in time. Apart from her, these people saved more than 130 other dogs from this farm.

The good people soon took Emily to the animal hospital where they did their best to restore her health. Today she has a completely new life.

Her new home is in Florida, USA, where she lives a beautiful life.

Every day she can play in the yard with people who give her a lot of love and care. She also found new friends.

HSUS is responsible for Emily having a new life and now finally feeling love. He no longer lives in bad conditions, but has everything he wants.

Besides Emily, there are many dogs who live in bad conditions, and they all deserve a good life.

Unfortunately, there are still more farms like this in South Korea. HSUS will continue its journey in rescuing unfortunate dogs.