Dog comforts an orphaned, 9-day-old foal after his mother’s death, takes the horse under his wing

Many times dogs have shown how loyal and loving they are.

One rescue dog proved how much love he has when he took an animal under his wing.

Karla Swindle is the owner of S & K Quarter Horses, Fayette, Alabama. When her 22-year-old mare Sandi had to be put down, her foal Tye was very sad. The foal was only 9 days old.

Karla’s dog Zip then showed the great love he has by comforting the poor foal.

As she told The Dodo, the dog was constantly with the foal and comforted him.

Karla told the Lewiston Tribune that the dog whined while he was with the foal, as if he were crying. It was a truly heartbreaking scene.

Zip became Ty’s best friend. Although this foal lost its mother, it gained its guardian.

Dogs are wonderful animals that can sense someone’s sadness.

This dog was with the unfortunate foal for days. He didn’t separate from Tya in any way.

That meant a lot to Tye. As time passed, the foal became happier and healthier. Zip was responsible for all that.

Soon Tye returned to the other horses in the group.

Zip was by the colt’s side when it was needed the most, and now that it’s okay they slowly parted ways.

No matter what, these two will probably have each other in their hearts forever.

This is a really beautiful story about an amazing friendship between two animals.

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Source: The Animal Club