Dog cried all night as no one picks her & shelter shared her photo as a last resort

High Plains Humane Society (HPHS), New Mexico, has been fighting for a better life for unfortunate dogs since its existence.

A lot of times we see pictures of shelter dogs on social networks, it’s because more people might notice them that way.

HPHS volunteers shared one photo of an unhappy dog.

A truly touching photo shows an unhappy little dog looking out of her cage in the hope that her life will get better. Her only wish is to be adopted by someone and to have an eternal warm home.

A lot of people who saw this photo couldn’t hold back their tears.

Then people started calling in the hope that this dog would be a part of their home.

Out of all the people who came forward, one woman was chosen to be the owner of this dog. It didn’t take long for the dog to get used to its new home.

We are very happy that everything ended this way. We hope that the other unfortunate dogs will finally find their homes where they will have everything they deserve.