Dog shows how smitten she is with baby on the way in touching video

Penelope, the perceptive canine, sensed that a significant change was on the horizon when her owner’s belly started to swell with pregnancy. It was almost as if she had an inkling that a new addition to the family was on the way.

The undeniable connection between Penelope and her expectant mom, Juliana, became even more apparent when a heartwarming video surfaced. In this touching footage, Penelope nestled up to Juliana on the couch, her paw gently caressing the burgeoning baby bump. It’s as if she’s attuned to something more profound, perhaps listening for the rhythmic beat of a tiny heart within.

With Juliana now 34 weeks pregnant and residing in Brazil, this poignant moment stirred strong emotions. Penelope leaned in as close as she could, resting her head tenderly on the expectant belly, forging a bond that transcends words. The video capturing this heartwarming interaction has quickly garnered viral attention, amassing over 4 million views.

As the birth of Juliana’s human baby draws nearer, there’s no doubt that Penelope, the affectionate and intuitive dog, will make an exceptional big sister. This heartwarming connection between Penelope and the baby-to-be promises a bright future filled with love and companionship.

Watch the heartwarming video below to witness this remarkable bond for yourself: