Dog dumped along with her teddy bear gets a new dad who’d never abandon her

Ellie experienced a very difficult day in her life. Her family decided to continue living without her.

By the way, this Blue Lacy is only one year old.

When she was abandoned along with her teddy bear, she didn’t have much of a choice. She lay next to him hoping that the nightmare would end soon.

Her life suddenly turned upside down.

However, Jennifer Jessup soon found out about this dog and contacted her brother who wanted to offer a home to this unfortunate dog.

A new home will mean a lot to Ellie. However, she still did not separate herself from her teddy bear.

During the photo shoot, the teddy bear was not with Ellie for a moment, so she was scared. Her favorite teddy bear was immediately returned to her.

TWD Transport is responsible for transporting Ellie to Florida, where Jennifer’s brother is from.

Of course, Ellie was tired of everything, but she will definitely feel the warmth of her new home after a while.

Jennifer was convinced that this would change Ellie’s life for the better.

After some time, Ellie realized that there are now people around her who love her and give her a lot of care. Her new life can begin.