These two stray puppies were just rescued, and they refuse to stop hugging each other

People on the internet are raving about these adorable creatures who won’t let go of each other after being rescued.

It’s beautiful to see them hugging each other, even though they probably had a hard life.

After they were saved, they were taken to the temple. It’s certainly nice for them now, but when we look back at their past, it’s hard not to imagine. Their lives were obviously hard, because otherwise they wouldn’t be this scared.

They definitely go together, they are the happiest.

These two adorable creatures used to roam the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

Although their lives are now in safe hands, they are still inseparable from each other.

The hard days in their lives are now in the past.

They deserve the home they have now.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of lives these two adorable dogs had, but one thing is certain, their lives will be much better now.

Source: lexnau