Dog freezing at bus shelter rescued by quick-acting transit workers

This unfortunate dog, who spent time at the bus shelter, has now been rescued. He was freezing and shivering for a long time, but the transit workers helped him.

A bus passenger spotted this dog freezing at a bus shelter in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Darren Szabo, an employee of the transportation service in this city, immediately went to the unfortunate dog to at least warm it up a little.

He was with him until the Regina Humane Society (RHS) arrived.

He said that he was afraid that the unfortunate animal would get frostbite. As he says, he knew that every minute was important. He stated this to Global News.

When Darren first approached the dog, the dog was frightened and growled.

However, as soon as he realized that Darren just wanted to help him and keep him warm, he immediately stopped growling.

Soon the Regina Humane Society came and after examining the dog, they immediately returned it to its family, who had already reported the dog missing.

Fortunately, the dog was healthy without any bad consequences.

Regina has a program that allows people who are freezing to wave at the bus and it will stop and help them.

Darren said that it is very important to help others, whether it is an animal or a human.

Regina Transit posted a photo of this dog and wrote that everyone should be safe from bad weather, both humans and furry friends.