Obese dog near field, he is forlorn and has nowhere to go

This obese dog was abandoned near a farm.

Unfortunately, his joints have a very hard time supporting his weight. This is the reason why he can barely move.

His name is Arbuckle and he weighs about 116 lbs.

A Purposeful Rescue decided to take him in and are determined to help him.

When the veterinarians examined this abandoned dog, they realized that he was suffering from hypothyroidism. This is the reason why his body is so bloated.

Since he couldn’t walk, he was initially treated with only medication.

When his weight returned to normal, he was finally mobile again.

The worst period of his life has passed. Soon the actress Jane Lynch and her partner heard about him and decided to welcome him into their family.

Now he has a warm home full of love and attention. His life and weight loss transformation were definitely not easy. He is now an inspiration to many.

He is definitely a miracle of a dog.

Unfortunately, the news came that this dog died when he was 9 years old. Many people donated to the shelter because they loved Arbuckle and followed his life.

We hope he is now resting in peace.