Dog wants to be friends with every passenger he meets on train

The majority of people tend to maintain a safe distance from strangers when riding on a train. However, there’s always an exception to the rule, and in this case, that exception is embodied by the affable Huxley, the Golden Retriever. Huxley possesses a unique knack for breaking through the barriers of social norms, effortlessly attracting the attention he not only craves but boldly demands.

In the delightful world of Huxley, train rides are synonymous with making new friends. Accompanied by his brother Hugo, Huxley, along with their loving owner Ursula, embarks on regular commutes across the British landscape. Ursula has been known to capture the heartwarming interactions of her pups with fellow passengers during these journeys, showcasing Huxley’s unwavering determination to secure the affection he so ardently seeks.

When Huxley decides it’s time to bask in the warmth of human companionship, he pulls out all the stops. He leans in, plops down, and playfully paws at those around him, leaving no room for refusal. Huxley’s spirited and outgoing nature isn’t limited to train rides alone. In the world of hotel visits, he eagerly assumes the role of the welcoming committee, often being the first to hop onto the reception desk to offer a friendly “hello.”

Witness the charm and charisma of Huxley as he effortlessly wins the hearts of his fellow passengers in the endearing clips below:


♬ Glimpse of Us – Joji

Huxley, may you continue to share your boundless love and warmth with the world!


Melts my heart 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #goldenretriever

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