Dog was left to die in a park because he was different

Petey and his brother were unfortunately left to fend for themselves in a park in Sacramento. However, when the woman saw them, she decided to help them. She took them and tried to take them to the vet. Unfortunately, not both of them survived. Petey is the one who kept fighting.

At the vet, it was found out that the cerebellum of this unfortunate puppy is not yet developed properly.

Veterinarian Laurie Siperstein-Cook said there’s a chance it’s genetics or a developmental problem. She works at the Sacramento SPCA, and made this statement to The Dodo.

However, this dog is in a very good mood and sociable, says Westphal-Thomson. That is a women that decided to welcome this dog into her life and give him all the necessary love and care.

The people who took care of this dog developed a great love for him.

Thanks to all these wonderful people, Petey now has a better life.