Neglected husky sat in a corner frozen with fear while the other dogs played

People from SHS Harbin who deal with animal rescue came to the place where there are several thousand dogs. That place is located in China.

One of all the dogs attracted the most attention.

It is obvious that this dog has had a hard life. He spent his time on the sidelines, scared and unhappy. He was very unclean and hungry.

The age of this unfortunate dog was about eight months. After so much time spent alone, she is now finally in the company of people who provide her with all the care she needs. She was later named Harriet.

A difficult past cannot be erased, but it can have a beautiful future. After they took care of this dog for a while, she started her recovery.

After the whole process of recovery, both physical and mental, Harriet needed a family home where she would be happy.

This was taken care of by Rosee Vallee, who decided to spend her life with this dog.

Since a completely new life was waiting for Harriet, she was also given a new name. Her name was Bailey.

Thanks to wonderful people, this dog is now living happily with his new family.

This is her story: