Dying dog locked up in a crate and covered in feces gets an extreme transformation by love

In one moment, Animal Cruelty Division became aware of a dog living in inhumane conditions. It was located in Texas, more precisely in Austin.

When the police arrived, it was noticed that the dog was still alive, although it was in a very bad condition. Austin Animal Center immediately took her in and tried to help her. Detective Ewa Wagner said they thought the dog wouldn’t survive, but he did. The detective told that the Huffington Post.

Elizabeth Mancera was one of the people responsible for this unfortunate dog’s new life.

They soon bathed and cleaned the dog, and that meant a lot to him.

The dog soon got a new name, Sophia, and a new home from Mancera.

Sophia got her life back, the life she deserves. Now she will eat every day and do what she likes. She will enjoy her life.

No one believed that this brave dog would survive, but thanks to wonderful people, she did.

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