Elderly dog breaks down in tears from joy when she sees her best friend returning from the army

We often read about how these wonderful creatures are certainly man’s best friends, we have been convinced of this many times. Their reactions when meeting their favorite people are really wonderful.

Sometimes it’s hard not to cry when we witness such an encounter.

Hannah Foraker is the owner of a wonderful dog named Buddy. After the age of 21, she decided to join the army, although it was very difficult for her to part with her best friend.

After three months of training in Oklahoma, Hannah returned home before Christmas, and was met there by Buddy. That dog felt indescribable joy in those moments, it simply cannot be described.

This duo has been together all their lives, so it’s clear why their meeting is so touching. Three months is a long time if you miss someone you love. The moment when Hannah and her dog Buddy meet again is priceless. Tears are very difficult to prevent in moments like these.

This is another proof of how much dogs love us and how loyal they are to us. That is why we should always take care of them and give them love. Dogs are our family.

Watch the moment the duo meet again here: