When her owner left her behind she spent 9 lonely years at a junkyard by herself

Persephone Harrington noticed an unfortunate dog at the dump. It was obvious that the dog had no home and was having a hard time. That’s when she decided to call Hope For Paws.

When people came who were ready to offer help to the dog, he was unclean and surrounded by garbage.

Information about the unfortunate dog soon became known. Its previous owner abandoned it 9 years ago. Then this poor dog’s life changed. He had to fend for himself and had no permanent home.

Thanks to the wonderful people in the area, this dog managed to survive every day. Josephine just wants love and a warm home. She is also known as Pheenie. After they slowly pulled her out and saved her from all that garbage, they took her for an examination. Of course, her health was worse than before because of that bad and difficult way of life.

They soon admitted her to CARES, where they examined her in detail and helped her as much as they could. The unfortunate dog had various infections and some diseases. After the care she needed, this female received a long-awaited bath, after which she immediately fell asleep.

Los Angeles Animal Rescue decided to take in Josephine and care for her for the rest of her life. She enjoyed every day. After all those unhappy and difficult years, she has now finally received all the attention, care and love she deserves.

After five months of a good life, Josephine sadly left this world. Thanks to all the wonderful people, this dog was very happy in the last months of his life and enjoyed every moment.