Elephants Run To Greet A New Rescued Baby Elephant At Refuge

Witness an incredible moment as an entire herd rushes to welcome a newly rescued baby elephant named “Dok Geaw” at the Elephant Nature Park. This one-year-and-nine-month-old orphaned elephant found his way to this refuge.

Upon Dok Geaw’s arrival at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, he remains unaware of the heartwarming surprise awaiting him.

A whole herd of resident elephants at the sanctuary senses his presence and the cries of this one-year-old orphaned elephant echo across the compound. In response, the herd swiftly moves toward him.

As the herd reaches the enclosure where Dok Geaw is, they extend their trunks through the openings, offering him gentle and friendly pats. Their expressions reveal their excitement and joy in welcoming the new addition to their family.

This touching and beautiful moment is captured in the video below, showcasing the deep bonds that exist among these remarkable creatures.