Owl Visits 98-Year-Old Grandmother Almost Every Day To Chat

A heartwarming story unfolds in Phoenix, Arizona, where a 98-year-old grandmother named Ranna experiences frequent visits from a chatty horned owl. What makes this connection even more special is that Ranna believes the owl’s presence is a sign from her late husband.

This friendly owl has become a regular guest, perching on Ranna’s balcony almost daily. Remarkably, it’s not just the owl’s visits that warm her heart; it’s also the fact that he hoots whenever he spots her.

Recently, Ranna’s granddaughter, Shai, paid a visit and decided to capture one of these endearing exchanges on film. In the video, Ranna approaches the owl with confidence, and the owl, unafraid of the elderly woman’s presence, responds by hooting.

Ranna takes a moment to appreciate the owl’s beautiful eyes, creating a truly unusual yet heartwarming moment.

This touching connection between Ranna and her feathered visitor serves as a reminder of the profound and mysterious ways in which nature can offer comfort and solace, especially during moments of loneliness and loss.

Shai, the granddaughter of the 98-year-old Ranna, shares an enchanting tale of their unique visitor, a talkative owl who seems to exclusively converse with her grandmother. This extraordinary connection began several months ago, and it continues to captivate those who hear about it. The bond between Ranna and her owl is reminiscent of another heartwarming story, where a family believed that a cardinal bird’s visits were messages from their late grandmother.