Faithful dog dies next to his owner’s grave after living there for 11 years

After an unwavering 11-year vigil by his owner’s graveside, a loyal dog named Capitan has peacefully come to the end of his remarkable journey. Capitan’s touching story touched the hearts of millions worldwide, revealing the enduring bond between a faithful canine and his departed human companion.

Capitan’s story of devotion began in 2006 when his owner, Miguel Guzman, passed away. From that moment, Capitan chose to make the cemetery his home, resting by Miguel’s graveside each night. The dog’s touching journey came to a close at the age of 15, as he peacefully succumbed to kidney failure.

La Voz

The tale of Capitan’s extraordinary loyalty began on March 24, 2006, the day Miguel passed away. Inexplicably, Capitan left his home in search of his beloved owner, eventually finding Miguel’s grave in the nearby Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz in Cordoba, Argentina.

From that moment forward, Capitan faithfully remained by Miguel’s side. Every evening, at 6pm, he would settle by Miguel’s headstone, his silent vigil a testament to the enduring bond they shared.

La Voz

Capitan, a German Shepherd mix, had initially been brought home by Miguel as a surprise for his son Damián in 2005. After Miguel’s passing, Veronica, Miguel’s wife, and Damián searched for Capitan but couldn’t locate him. They feared he had passed away or been adopted by another family.

However, their reunion with Capitan was nothing short of miraculous. When Damián visited his father’s gravesite, there was Capitan, faithful as ever. The family attempted to bring Capitan back home, but he steadfastly refused.

Despite several attempts, Capitan remained at the cemetery. The caretakers and precinct workers at the cemetery, moved by his loyalty, made sure he had food and received regular vaccinations. Even when Capitan suffered a broken front leg, a veterinarian was called to provide him with care.

La Voz

Occasionally, Capitan would visit his former home to see Veronica and Damián. However, it became clear that Capitan’s heart belonged to the cemetery and his dear friend Miguel.

Hector Baccega, the cemetery director, described how Capitan would accompany him on daily walks through the cemetery. But as evening approached, the loyal dog would make his way to Miguel’s tomb, laying down beside the headstone. Hector believed that Capitan imparted a valuable lesson to humans, the importance of cherishing the memories of our departed loved ones.

Four years ago, Capitan was diagnosed with kidney failure during a check-up with the vet. Both the veterinarian and the family felt it was best to let Capitan continue living as he had for so many years.

“We could have admitted him to the vet, but only so that he could die in the veterinary surgery, so we preferred to leave him and attend to him in the cemetery, where he lived and felt calm”, explained veterinarian Cristhian Sempels.

Rest in Peace, dear Capitan. Your unwavering loyalty and love have left an indelible mark on all who have heard your touching story.