Funniest argument ever, annoyed cat pushes dog into a swimming pool

Animals are much more similar to us than we think. We all hate when someone annoys us. Imagine sitting in your backyard, sunbathing, and then someone comes up to you and starts talking about something you don’t care about. He just talks and annoy you. You will not be able to endure it for long. A similar situation happened to this cat, who enjoyed resting by the pool. At one point, she was approached by small puppies who did not want to leave her alone. This lasted until the cat completely lost patience.


We all already know how much cats know to be lazy. This was that moment. The cat enjoyed his life, lying down and resting, until little puppies appeared. At first, this cat did not pay any attention to them. She looked after her own business and didn’t care about anything else.


After a few moments, the dogs simply overstepped every measure. She didn’t want to have fun with them, so she warned them about it. However, one of them did not react so the cat decided to teach him a lesson.

This really interesting scene was recorded by the camera: