Girl points to shelter dog shaking in the back of kennel and says: “That one”

When G accompanied her mother, Audra Spurio, to their neighborhood animal shelter with the intention of exploring the dogs available for adoption, something extraordinary occurred. In a kennel at the back, they spotted a small, ailing Pit Bull trembling with fear.

Despite the many dogs awaiting their attention, the 2-year-old G was inexplicably drawn to this particular Pit Bull named Scarlett. Scarlett’s condition was far from ideal; she suffered from mange, emanated an unpleasant odor, and, at the time, didn’t even have a name.

G, however, pointed at Scarlett with unwavering determination and declared: “Mommy, that one”. She pleaded to take Scarlett out of her kennel. Scarlett, though terrified, emerged from her enclosure when G held her leash. It was a poignant moment of connection.

From that instant, Scarlett refused to leave G’s side and kept a watchful eye on her young companion. G, displaying remarkable empathy, gently wiped away the snot from Scarlett’s nose and repeatedly told her mom: “Doggy sick, needs help”.

When Audra reluctantly placed Scarlett back into her kennel, the trembling returned, as Scarlett feared being abandoned once more. However, G’s determination and compassion prevailed. She insisted that Scarlett needed their help, and Audra could not resist her daughter’s heartfelt plea.

They made the compassionate decision to adopt Scarlett, and within just one week of joining her new home, Scarlett began to heal, both physically and emotionally. The sweet and grateful dog remains unwavering in her devotion to G, never straying far from her side.