Gorilla lady has only eyes for visitor baby, and then also proudly presents her newborn baby

As incredible as it sounds, gorillas are very good parents, even excellent ones.

The male and female take care of the cubs and rarely leave them alone. This can only happen in exceptional cases. And they love cubs very much.

American Emmeline Austin was visiting the Franklin Zoo in Boston, and was surprised to see how good and caring the monkeys really are.

She was convinced without any stories or speculation how much truth there was in that.

The girl looked at the monkeys, at the same time taking care of the children with Canyon, her son. Then she approached the glass with the baby to get a better view of the gorillas.

Although the little baby soon fell asleep, she didn’t manage to see anything, but it turned out great. After that, an unexpected and amazing situation happened.

The gorilla child was fascinating, she approached the glass completely and began to analyze the baby.

She watched her all the time. She soon began to act as if she was stroking the baby’s head by running her hand over the glass.

It later turned out that the gorilla’s name was Kiki. She soon had a child of her own, whom they named Pablo.

No one, not even the mother of the child, could have imagined that she would experience such a thing. The love she felt does not happen every day.

The communication that was recorded between the child and the two mothers was not very frequent.

It soon became popular on the internet where it had millions of views.