Harvey Korman was in stitches when Tim Conway disguised up as a woman for sketch

This side-splitting segment hails from a long-forgotten episode of The Carol Burnett Show, featuring the comedic brilliance of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. After nearly four decades in obscurity, this gem has resurfaced, offering a brief yet uproarious experience that is sure to tickle anyone’s funny bone.

The Carol Burnett Show enjoyed immense success during its initial run from 1967 to 1978, earning a spot on numerous “Best/Greatest TV Shows of All Time” lists and consistently ranking among the top 30 most-watched shows each season.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, renowned comedians in their own right, were regular fixtures on the show. While not an official comedic duo like Abbott and Costello, their popularity with viewers led to frequent collaborations. In this particular episode, available exclusively on DVD, Tim assumes the role of a lady, and the dynamic duo goes undercover as a couple. Tim humorously cautions Harvey not to hold “her” too closely, but Harvey insists on maintaining the appearance of a genuine pair to accomplish their mission.

Agreeing with a chuckle, Tim emphasizes the need for professionalism. The hilarity ensues as Harvey, oblivious to any motive beyond work, witnesses Tim’s comedic genius in action. A flick of the hair prompts both performers to momentarily break character, stifling laughter as much as they can, while the studio audience joins in the merriment.

The comic antics continue as Harvey combs his bangs, pulls out a compact powder, and playfully applies it to his mustache and chin, eliciting even more laughter from everyone present.

A viewer comments: “I can’t decide what’s funnier: Tim’s hair flip or Harvey making a fist to stifle laughter”. The sheer amusement of the scene transcends words; it’s a must-see to fully appreciate.

Over its eleven-year span, The Carol Burnett Show amassed eight Golden Globes and 25 Emmys, catapulting several comedians to stardom. Regarded as one of the most prestigious television shows ever, its enduring legacy is a testament to the comedic genius that can transform a simple skit into a remarkable comedy act.