When they realized what this elephant was carrying in its trunk, they blocked the road

A deeply moving video surfaced on Twitter, courtesy of user Parveen Kaswan, encapsulating a heart-rending moment that unfolds on an otherwise empty road. Instead of a protest, the gathering of people and vehicles is united in a shared mission, to offer solace to grieving elephants.

The poignant scene commences as an elephant approaches, delicately cradling the lifeless body of a young calf in its trunk. Distressed and with great care, the elephant places the deceased calf on the opposite side of the road.

In a somber display, other elephants join the circle of mourning, forming a silent and reverent assembly around the departed young one.

Kaswan keenly observes the unwavering commitment of the elephant family, refusing to leave the side of the deceased calf, creating what he aptly describes as a “funeral procession”.

Eventually, as the elephants move on, they carry the lifeless calf with them, offering a profound and moving portrayal of mourning and empathy.

This emotionally charged video serves as a poignant reminder of the profound emotional connections that elephants share and their remarkable capacity to mourn the loss of their young. It provides viewers with a touching glimpse into the intricate realm of animal emotions, underscoring the depth of empathy that exists within the animal kingdom.