Heartsick dog turns her back when her name’s called and had 1 wish before she died

Kongji was a dog with one special wish.

After she was almost completely overcome by the tumor, she changed a lot. She became very sad even though nothing hurt her.

Whenever her guardian says her name, she turns her back on him.

It is obvious that this dog knew that his end was coming.

When people found her a few years ago, they brought her to a shelter. They took very good care of her there. They never managed to find her old owner.

The people who care for her believe that she has one wish. Maybe her wish is to see her old owner.

They tried in every way to fulfill her wish. The place where Kongji was found four years ago was flooded with her leaflets. A lot of time has passed, but they hope that someone knows something about that owner.

The people who cared for Kongji did their best. They tried to find her old owner.

Kongji is very combative, but unfortunately the disease is slowly destroying her.

It is difficult to say whether Kongji will be able to meet the old owner once again. We hope that her last wish will come true.

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Source: I Love My Dog So Much