Heartwarming moment blind elephant rescued from circus is welcomed by the herd at sanctuary

It’s really nice to see the acceptance this elephant got when he was rescued and taken to a sanctuary in Thailand.

This elephant had a very difficult life. To the age of 30, she experienced everything and anything, and most of her life was in the circus. However, in the end, she got a new chance for a better life at the Elephant Nature Park.

She was mostly alone in her life, so it’s really beautiful to see how she was welcomed into this sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Some wonderful moments were recorded.

People from the Save Elephant Foundation gave Ploy Thong a new chance for a better life.

This elephant did not have an easy life at all. Everything she did in her life she was forced to do.

But that has come to an end now. Her life has finally changed for the better.

When she finally arrived at the refuge, she was welcomed as no one expected.

Although she is blind, Ploy Thong is very well accepted by the other elephants in the sanctuary. They wished her the best welcome.

A truly emotional scene.

She, completely blind, carried tourists on her back even though she never wanted to.

Now she is in the company of elephants who give her all the love she needs. She felt it.

Here’s what it looked like:

Source: Majestic Animals