High school student takes very important person to his senior prom, his 92-year-old great-grandmother

Prom, that magical high school event etched in the minds of many since the early days of freshman year. However, for some, reaching the pinnacle of senior prom is not always a guaranteed journey.

Meet Dakota Wollan, a senior at Watford City High School in North Dakota, who initially had no intention of attending his senior prom. Although there were potential classmates he could have asked, he found himself lacking a special connection with anyone.

Then came an unexpected source of inspiration, his father.

In a surprising turn of events, Dakota decided to ask someone truly unique to be his prom date: his 92-year-old great-grandmother. The elderly lady, Madeline Miller, had never experienced prom before, and Dakota saw this as an opportunity to make both their dreams come true.

To make the proposal even more special, Dakota utilized an old family relic, a 1985 Ford truck handed down to him by his great-grandmother. With a creative sign and a touch of nerves, he popped the question to his great-grandmother, who, to his delight, accepted the invitation with enthusiasm.

“I was just wondering why he would want a 92-year-old going to prom with him when there are so many young girls in the school”, Madeline humorously remarked.

For Dakota, age was irrelevant; what mattered was the chance to attend his final prom with his great-grandmother, giving her the opportunity to experience her first.

The duo became the highlight of the Watford City High School senior prom. As they entered the venue, the crowd erupted in excitement, celebrating the heartwarming sight of the great-grandson and great-grandmother duo.

Madeline shared her favorite moments of the dance, expressing joy in “walking beside my great-grandson, listening to this music as we walked and people clapping and hollering”.

This touching gesture not only created a memorable prom experience for both Dakota and Madeline but also became a heartwarming story worth sharing. In a world filled with traditional prom dates, this unconventional pairing brought joy and inspiration to those who witnessed it.