She Was At Work When Her Boss Called Her To His Office Urgently

There’s a TV show on CNBC called “Profit” that has garnered quite a fan following, and for good reason.

The show features Marcus Lemonis, a self-made millionaire, who steps in to assist struggling small businesses by injecting his own money and expertise. Marcus has long understood the significance of ensuring employees are content in their roles and feel valued for their contributions.

His business philosophy revolves around fairness and kindness towards workers, recognizing that a happy workforce translates to increased productivity over time.

One of the businesses Marcus encountered was the Key West Key Lime Pie Company shop, run by Tami Forbes. Tami, despite managing various aspects of the business, earns a modest $500 a week. To add to her challenges, she is a mother of two sets of twins, aged 8, and is expecting her third child.

Tami tirelessly works nine hours a day on her feet, and to make ends meet, she takes on a second job. Balancing work and motherhood is no easy feat for her.

Concerned about financial struggles during her upcoming maternity leave, Tami expresses her worries to Marcus. In a heartwarming gesture, Marcus not only offers Tami full pay during her maternity leave but also promises a raise upon her return.

For Tami, this unexpected support means the world, providing her with a salary that allows her to live comfortably and even save money, something she had never experienced before.

The touching moment is captured in a video, showcasing Marcus’s commitment to supporting hardworking individuals like Tami.

This inspiring story serves as a reminder that many businesses could benefit from treating their dedicated workers with the same level of compassion and support.