Hikers rescue dog that was trapped on mountain for 6 weeks after hearing her cries

A heartwarming tale of resilience unfolds as a 14-year-old dog named Chloe emerges from a six-week odyssey of survival on a mountain in Colorado.

It all began when Chloe, along with a younger canine companion from her neighborhood, strayed from home around six weeks ago. While the younger dog returned to her family, Chloe remained missing. Her family, residing on the eastern side of Mount Bross, embarked on an exhaustive search that spanned weeks but yielded no sign of the senior dog. It was during this time that an unexpected savior entered the narrative.

Trinity Smith, an intrepid adventurer, stumbled upon a Facebook post on the page of the mountaineer and hiking group 14ers, which reported someone hearing a dog’s cries emanating from the summit of Mount Bross. Intrigued and compassionate, Trinity resolved to investigate. She embarked on a grueling hike up the mountain, listening for the distressed canine’s cries. Unfortunately, locating and rescuing the dog alone proved a daunting challenge.

Undeterred, Trinity, along with her boyfriend Sean Nichols, returned the following day. They steadfastly called out to the stranded dog for nearly four hours, determined to extend a lifeline of hope. Persevering, they pushed further into the mountain, where they were eventually rewarded with the sound of a faint bark.

Facebook/Trinity Smith

“I started to give up, thinking she hadn’t made it through the night”, Trinity recounted. “Then (I heard) that little bark, and the adrenaline started going again.”

Their relentless efforts paid off when they reached Chloe, who was frightened and emaciated.

“We got her!!!”, Trinity jubilantly announced on Facebook. “After hours and hours of yelling and climbing, Sean Nichols & I finally brought this sweet, scared, hungry girl down to safety. The poor baby was stuck up there for over a month. After coming back down with her, Chloe’s owners were patiently waiting to see if this was their dog that they had been missing for six weeks, who had run off with another neighborhood pup. They assumed after a month of searching that their 13-year-old baby was gone forever.”

“After rumors of a dog crying & two days of scrambling along the side of a 14er, we finally brought this sweet baby down to safety”, she continued. “This poor thing has been stranded high up on a cliff for over a month. She was once a 90 lb. dog who now weighs 26. Glad to have her off that mountain and back with her owners!”

Chloe’s owner shared with 9News that Chloe is on the path to recovery but still needs time to heal from her harrowing ordeal.