How to skip an entry rug

Frustrated with the constant damage caused by their mischievous cat, Lucky, to the entry rugs, the homeowner decided to take matters into their own hands. The solution?

A project aimed at replacing the worn laminate flooring beneath the battered mat with stylish hexagon tiles. Despite the resilient and patterned surface of the mat, Lucky managed to consistently soil it, sparking concerns about the integrity of the subfloor.

Opting for hexagon tiles reminiscent of the kitchen flooring, the homeowner envisioned creating an entry that not only looked good but also stood up to the feline antics.

Executing the plan involved removing the old flooring along the traced lines, making way for the installation of the new tiles.

To combat potential moisture issues, a strategic application of waterproofing was implemented using both Schluter Kerdi membrane and AquaDefense liquid membrane.

The hexagon tiles were then carefully laid using rapid-setting thin-set mortar. Once securely in place, the homeowner diligently proceeded to grout, stressing the importance of exercising patience throughout the process.

To allow for flexibility in case of any flooring shifts, intentional exterior gaps between the hexagon tiles and surrounding flooring were designated for caulking.

Acknowledging the messiness of the grouting phase, the homeowner recommended using baby wipes to effortlessly remove the grout film from the tiles.

The finishing touch involved caulking the edges, providing a polished appearance to the entire project. The caulk not only concealed any irregular cuts but also contributed to a seamless and cohesive look.

The end result went beyond addressing the cat-related challenges; it transformed the previously battered floor into a functional and visually appealing entryway capable of withstanding the rigors of wet and muddy shoes.

What began as a necessity-driven project culminated in the successful transformation of a once-damaged floor into a practical and aesthetically pleasing space.