Ricki Lake, former talk show host, shares inappropriate photo of her to celebrate “best” days of her life

Ricki Lake is currently basking in what she considers the pinnacle of her existence.

On Monday, the former talk show host took to Instagram to share not only her feelings but also her natural self in a striking selfie. In the snapshot, the 54-year-old Lake appears unabashedly nude and joyous while seated in an outdoor tub enveloped by majestic redwood trees.

“Undoubtedly, these days mark the zenith of my life,” she joyfully expressed in her post.

“At 54 and a half years old (but who’s counting?), I am grateful for the journey that brought me to this moment, a realm of complete self-acceptance and self-love. ♥️”, Lake further elaborated.

Although Lake embarked on her odyssey to self-love in 2019, it remained a private affair until 2022. It was in December of that year that she shared an intimate video featuring herself shaving her head, a powerful gesture acknowledging her 30-year battle with androgenetic alopecia, the underlying cause of her hair loss.

In a heartfelt caption accompanying the video, Lake explained her decision to reveal this raw footage: “I have never shared this unfiltered video footage before but felt compelled to do so now, for those of you who have followed my story and invested in it. Some of you are intimately familiar with my struggle, and I want you to know that I genuinely empathize with you”.

The footage captures Lake’s transformative journey to a place of tranquility, liberation, and, most significantly, self-love and acceptance.

Since shaving her head, Lake’s hair has made a triumphant return, and she has embraced the beauty of a “natural gray and sometimes wild unruly head of hair.”

“May all of you grappling with your own challenges find solace and acceptance. Life is simply too short”, Lake implored.

While some online users have found the image provocative, Lake remains unapologetic. Comments such as “I don’t understand why anyone feels the need to expose themselves like this! LOL” and “That’s all well and good, but why do we have to see it?” have surfaced, yet Lake appears unfazed.

She has chosen not to engage with such critiques, asserting that everyone has the option to follow creators of their liking and respect their freedom to share authentically.

As opinions diverge on her decision to share this online, it appears Lake’s core message resonates deeply, a vital reminder that fixating on elements beyond our control is a futile endeavor. Cultivating the skill of embracing and cherishing oneself, imperfections included, stands as a crucial aspect of personal growth.

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