Husband sneaks dog into hospital in a suitcase so his dying wife can say goodbye

This man did his best to fulfill his dying wife’s last wish. She wanted to see their dog for the last time, and he made it possible for her.

He shared his story on Reddit explaining how he did it.

As he says, his wife had a difficult operation and after that she could only speak. She neither ate nor drank, all that kept her alive was an infusion and strong painkillers.

At one point, the wife persuaded her husband to secretly bring her a dog so that she could say goodbye to her.

It is an Australian shepherd that weighs about 50 pounds. The man realized that she could fit in the suitcase, so he put her there.

He kept the lid open until the hospital, and then, as he says, he explained to her that he would only have to close it for a moment and then she would be able to see her mother.

It’s amazing that the dog didn’t bark or whine even for a moment. When the man was passing through the hospital, he told the staff that he was carrying some important things for his wife. Everyone said no problem.

When they reached the woman, she was sleeping. Then the man opened the suitcase, and the dog jumped out and lay on the woman’s chest. She looked straight into her eyes for about twenty minutes, until she woke up.

They hugged and hung out as soon as the woman woke up. One nurse realized what was going on, but was so moved by the sight that she decided not to tell anyone.

The woman soon fell asleep again, and the man put the dog back in the suitcase.

In a few days, unfortunately, the woman passed away. As the man says, every time he takes the suitcase, the dog thinks they are going to her again.

Source: Goodfullness