Girl says “I love you” to dog, then he says “I love you” back

We all wish we could talk to our pets every day.

For example, when he eats everything he finds in the house, and you cannot explain to him that it is not good for him, because he does not understand you.

You can sometimes hear a parrot saying something to you, but it is almost impossible for a dog or a cat to experience it.

Maybe it’s possible after all.

This video you are about to see is truly amazing. It shows a small dog trying to talk to its owner.

The owner plays with the dog, while he barks back all the time. The whole video is wonderful, but the moment when the owner tells him she loves him is priceless. More precisely, a moment later.

The dog says “I love you” back to its owner.

Of course, everyone was taken aback by this video.

The owner cannot believe what she experienced. Although some consider it to be a coincidence, the owner tried again later.

She said “I love you” to her dog again, and he barked back again. Really wonderful.

It is clear why this video was viewed by several million people in a very short time.

This video only increases our desire to talk with our pets, which unfortunately is not possible.

However, seeing some positive reaction from them or at least an attempt to talk makes us happy.

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