Kaya, the adorably unique kitten with the “squishy” face

This cat has a cute face that is hard to remain indifferent to.


From birth he has such a face, which cannot be changed. This is the result of a congenital facial abnormality, which often makes him look grumpy.

Odelkis Barrera, who founded To Resue in Ontario, she wanted to help from the first time she saw this cat in the photo.


When they found Kaya, she was very thin, hungry and thirsty, full of ticks and other tiny creatures. She was only four weeks old at the time and it was pretty certain she needed a TLC.

Soon the recovery of this adorable creature began, so it became completely different.

From To Rescue they posted on social media how Kaya became very cheerful and playful. They also wrote that she is extremely smart and that all she wants is actually for people to accept and love her.

Everyone who sees her becomes in love, it is inevitable. She is adorable and has a very good relationship with other pets in foster families, according to To Rescue.


Barrera stated that she has a rather amazing personality. Her biggest wishes are for someone to look after her and caress her.

She doesn’t get tired of cuddling at all, so if someone doesn’t want to cuddle her, she cuddles against him.


The cardboard box is actually Kaya’s best friend, she doesn’t need anything more.

They say she loves spending time in her favorite box. It’s her biggest party. She is so special.

Here you can see how she is having fun.

She will soon be six months old, her only wish is to find a home where she can be forever.

Occupations for Kaya are rare, probably because she looks a little different, and everyone is afraid that they will have to spend money at the vet.

But we believe that she will also be lucky and find her eternal happiness.

She walks most normally even though she has poor eyesight, she even notices other pets or people who are not far from her.

Barrera said they really wish her all the best, a warm home and people who will love her and take care of her.

He also said that she is really great at hanging out with other dogs and cats and that it would be good to find some of them with whom she will be able to hang out for a long time.


Kaya, we wish you all the best!