Lonely puppy finally finds comfort cuddling with human baby

This story will surely brighten up your day. It’s about a small abandoned dog who grew up with a baby, his best friend.

YouTube/Cute Animals

Callie was very young when a family found her tied to a fence. They did not understand why someone left such a cute puppy.

Since the couple just had a baby, they knew they would get along well, so they took him home.

YouTube/Cute Animals

At first, the unfortunate dog was very scared. However, he just came to his new home, so he needed time to get used to it.

Soon she met Ian, a newborn baby, and then everything got better.

YouTube/Cute Animals

Ian slept very well, Callie not so much. Then the parents of this baby decided to put little Callie next to Ian so that she would fall asleep more easily.

When they did, they captured that beautiful moment.

YouTube/Cute Animals

A wonderful friendship developed between the two. Even after 3 years, the two are still best friends.

Watch the beautiful moment of their first meeting: