Lost baby fox reunited with its mom after it was found crying in homeowner’s garden

We read daily about cats and dogs and other, mostly, domestic animals. We know they are willing to do anything for their cubs, but we rarely get a chance to see that this little wheatgrass, which we don’t see every day, has such a big heart.

This is a story about a fox who is ready to do anything for her baby.

In April in the town of Arlingon, the usual morning dawned for the family that happened to be there. The only oddities were some tiny sounds reaching them.

They had no idea what it was about, but they were interested so they decided to find out. After a while, they realized it was a fox. They learned that these sounds were emitted by a fox who was completely alone with no one anywhere.

When they found the fox, the Americans immediately called the Arlington Animal Protection League in Virginia. They deal with the protection of animals in distress.

The reason they called them was because they knew that an animal that made such sad sounds would certainly not come to humans.

No one wanted to take that little cub because it looked fed and just fine. They didn’t even want to touch him, because who knows what might happen.

Then they brought a basket and decided to put a small baby in it. In this way, they allowed her mother to pick her up if she wanted to. Everyone was anxiously waiting for what would happen to the fate of the little fox. They were waiting…

But soon the expected happened! The mother returned for her cubs and saved him.

This very touching story about the mother’s rescue of the child was published by the animal protection service on the Internet and gathered many people’s empaths and sympathies.