Orphaned raccoon lives with dogs, thinks she’s one of them

In 2020, Rosie Kemp from Nassau found a small raccoon falling from a tree. The boy was injured, more precisely his leg was broken, and none of his family was close. What Rosie and her daughter Laura did was take a raccoon to save him.

That little baby raccoon got the nickname Pumpkin. It didn’t take him long to get used to his new home. He quickly met members of the new family. Laura decided to place him in her home and take care of him along with her husband.

Her new home also brought her new friends, two dogs, who were also there for a reason. Like the raccoon itself, the dogs were also rescued by a caring family. Soon the raccoon and the dogs found a common language, and began to socialize constantly. It was impossible to separate them when they bonded.

His owner, the owner of the Pumpkin, said that he constantly follows his dog friends and that he does not leave them alone for even a short time.

Now no longer a small raccoon, but a baby that has grown stronger, has shown that he wants to constantly hang out with his new, ie already old friends. With great pleasure he goes to the dogs and participates in constant socializing. Likewise, Pumpkin understands everything, so he knows when to stop. He knows when to step back because he respects his four-legged friends. He never treats them in a group and never allows himself anything.

His owner Laura said he repeats everything for his friends. Also, he takes over their habits which is clearly seen. It is very likely that the raccoon believes he is also a member of the dog family. At the same time, Pumpkin is very smart and, believing what the owner says, she knows how to show the feelings she encounters.

A lot of energy is spent on caring for raccoons and it also requires constant work. But everything has its outcomes, so Pumpkin often delights Laura with new effects, entertains her and gives her sincere feelings that, we believe, cannot be compared to anything else.