Loyal dog refuses to leave mom’s side after saving her life

When we talk about dogs, we must emphasize that they are very loyal creatures. It’s hard to find someone who will love us more than them.

In the photo that went around the internet in a short time, we can clearly see an example of that great love and loyalty.

The service dog doesn’t even think of leaving his beloved mom who is in the hospital.

It all started the moment Shauna Darcy realized that her dog could be of great help in her life. She had great anxieties, and this loyal furry friend was always there for her.

Ruby and she became inseparable friends.

She was much more than an official dog.

Shauna said Ruby started noticing a different rhythm of her heartbeat while train to helping and that she always behaved differently.

Ruby was a true example of a guardian angel.

At every possible moment whenever Shauna needed Ruby, she would be there. Shauna was still suffering from vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, so this amazing dog constantly monitored her heart rate and blood pressure.

When a panic attack occurs, Ruby is there again to help. She was literally always there for her loved one.

Shauna sometimes faints, and Ruby climbs on top of her and tries to wake her up by licking and jumping.

One day the dog behaved a little differently trying to tell Shauna that something was wrong, but Darcy still had nothing clear.

Still she called the doctors who told her the dog was right, her heart pounding into atrial fibrillation.

If the doctors had come a little later, Shauna probably wouldn’t have been conscious.

The amazing Ruby saved the life of her beloved Darcy.

Only Shauna can be grateful to her on the new day. Nonetheless, this dog still didn’t want to leave his mom, not even in the hospital.

As Darcy says, that special bond between the two actually saved her life.

Without Ruby, she wouldn’t be alive. Truly an amazing story.