Baby elephant throws cutest temper tantrum ever caught on camera

All parents are very familiar with their children’s ability to throwing temper tantrums.

This mostly happens when a child doesn’t get what he wants, so he starts crying, jumping, rolling on the floor and so on.

It is quite a normal life with children, but now we will see that the same thing happens in the animal world.

This video shows us the rage of a little elephant, which is indescribably cute.

Every mother knows how to deal with the tantrum of her children, and so does this elephant mother. As soon as the child started with tantrum, the mother knew what to do.

The adorable little elephant even throws himself on the floor to express his tantrum even more.

The other large elephants that were nearby did not react at all to the behavior of this little naughty elephant.

Antonio da Cruz, who followed up this whole situation, said all the elephants went to the bush that was along the road except this little one. He seemed determined in his intention to stay on the road.

After a little more rolling down the road, he looked at his mom as she started to walk away from him. He got up immediately, turned briefly, then hurried after her.