Mama deer “knocks” at door to show her new babies to her best friend

Buttons, the deer, turns to one of her oldest companions for assistance when it comes to caring for her offspring – none other than her loyal friend, G-Bro, the dog.

G-Bro and Buttons share a friendship that spans over 11 years.

“When we first rescued Buttons, we had a friend who had raised a deer, and someone called them and said a mom deer was hit by a car”, explained Lorrie, G-Bro’s mom. “They called us, and we had the knowledge from our friend of how to raise a deer. It took a lot of work, but our whole goal was to let her be wild but also become a part of the family.”

Indeed, Buttons became a cherished member of the family, maintaining a strong bond with Lorrie and G-Bro over the years.

“I think that’s special for anyone to have a friend all these years”, Lorrie remarked. “And I think they’re both blessed to have each other.”

As Buttons is considered a family member, it was a momentous occasion when she had her first set of babies. Naturally, she brought them to visit her dear friend, G-Bro.

“The first time Buttons brought her babies to meet our dog, there was excitement for all of us,” shared Lorrie. “We literally are all shouting in the house.”

However, G-Bro’s excitement surpassed everyone else’s. He showered the babies with adoration and readily embraced his role in childcare duties.

“He’s just as gentle as he can be. He literally acts like another mom, and she’s just like: ‘My friend is helping me’. It’s just been so special, and she brings them back every year. It’s extraordinary”, Lorrie described the heartwarming scene.

While G-Bro took care of the little ones, Buttons reciprocated by grooming G-Bro. This mutual care is a testament to the unique bond they share.

“Buttons will just show up at the door, and that’s when you know she wants to see her friend. She’ll even paw at the door if you’re not answering in a timely way”, Lorrie shared. Sometimes, Buttons doesn’t even wait for an invitation; she walks right in.

This is the essence of family. When Buttons comes calling for G-Bro, they engage in their favorite activities together, especially enjoying the outdoors and going for walks.

“They just love socializing. They love playing in the snow. They have each other’s back, and they love each other and will always remember and love each other”, Lorrie concluded.

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