The emotional last goodbye to his elderly puppy after 15 years faithfully by his side

It is very difficult to part forever with loved ones, including our furry friends.

After all, they are small creatures who want to spend their whole lives with us. We are the whole world to them. Their love for us is indescribable.

Their end is very hard to bear.

Negrito was a dog that unfortunately left this world.

His loved ones said goodbye to him in a truly touching way.

That scene touched many people on the internet.

Samyna de Cote posted touching scenes of her dog.

He was then 15 years old. He was loved all his life in his family in Mexico.

It is difficult to remain indifferent to such scenes.

Samyna shared a very emotional text with scenes of her beloved Negrito.

As she herself said, he will not suffer anymore and will always protect them from heaven.

Many people sympathized with this family and wrote them nice words of comfort.

It is clear how much love there was between this dog and his family.

All the people noticed it.

However, Negrito is in a much better place now.

Both dogs and other pets win our hearts very quickly. That is why it is very difficult to part with them.

Source: Fancy Work