Man befriends a bear over the years, then she brings her new cubs to meet him

We all know that bears are mostly dangerous, but obviously not everyone is like that.

In this story we can see that this is true because it shows us the friendship of a black bear and a man.

Patrick Conley

Patrick Conley often had an interesting visit from mom Bear, and then she showed up once with her little team. It is about her cubs that she wanted to introduce to a man.

Patrick is from North Carolina, more precisely Asheville, and it is not uncommon to see a black bear there. However, people from that area have very good relations with these animals.

Patrick Conley

Because bears get along fairly well in human proximity, this area of ​​the U.S. does not suffer from declining bear numbers.

Patrick Conley

This is nothing new for Patrick, he has experienced this situation many times. The only difference is that this time mom doesn’t come alone.

He was very surprised to see them, they were so cute.

Patrick Conley

Given Simone and Patrick’s relationship so far, this seemed to him like meeting a new family member.

It is obvious how beautiful and good this bear is with this man, because he is going straight to him without any doubt. Immediately her cubs started following her. They weren’t very relaxed, but that’s understandable.

But in the end everyone came to Patrick to say goodbye, only he was stunned.

It is amazing how much this, known to everyone as a terrible animal, is still affectionate and treats man in a friendly way. The level of confidence she feels towards him is indescribable.

Patrick Conley

The cubs ran towards the tree to play and socialize, and the mother slowly followed them. They have not yet met this world, life is ahead of them.

After a while, the mother decided it was enough to play, so they all went to the woods together.

Patrick Conley

This bear looked very healthy and did not lack food, so says Patrick.

You can watch more about Simone and her beginnings on his YouTube channel.

Patrick Conley

Here you can watch their entire encounter.

This is really wonderful.