Town came together to rescue two horses from frozen lake with chainsaws

It happened in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Several horses ended up in trouble when they escaped from a fenced area and came to the frozen lake.

Since they weigh about 1,500 pounds, the cracks on the ice didn’t take long to crack. After that, the duo ended up in icy water.

They were very restless and scared because they couldn’t even swim because of the rest of the ice on the water.

When a neighbor noticed them, he reacted immediately by calling an ambulance. They came as fast as they could to save this unfortunate duo.

Blue Ridge Hook & Ladder fire chief, Leon Clapper, said all that could be seen were just two heads sticking out of the water.

They had to make their way when they were rescued, because it was impossible to pick them up and save them that way.

Right at the beginning, they started making a way to get the horses out.

When the news of this accident resonated, the neighbors ran in to give everyone maximum help.

Clapper said some neighbors loved horses so they also had things needed in these situations. They brought warm blankets, heaters and other things that were helpful. As he says, this was one amazing teamwork.

The head of the farm at Quiet Valley, Milton Mosier, said that although men are known to be very brave, this was a combination of all kinds of emotions and he could not help himself.

He also said that at one point they thought the horses would surrender and that this would be the end of them, but fortunately they succeeded.

Hannah said they were willing to do whatever it took just to keep the horses safe.

It was finally over. The horses were successfully rescued and warmed with blankets from good neighbors.

Gunther is pretty good, and Wilhelm had a bit of an eye problem and a few cuts.

Often when you get to a place like that first you wonder if it will end badly, and then you see that the horses are saved and it’s such a nice feeling, so says Clapper.

From Quiet Valley Living Farm, they announced on social media that they could not thank all the people who took part in rescuing these two.

Without these people, nothing would be the same. Several people also needed some help after taking part in rescuing Wilhelm and Gunther.