Man finds dying baby bear while out hiking, risks jail-time to save its life

Corey Hancock once met a small bear while walking in Oregon.

Bear was in a very bad condition, and he was only three months old.

Hancock realized that the unfortunate animal would not last much longer in such a state. Then he decided to take it with him.

He carried it for several miles even though he didn’t know if it would even save him.

When the bear’s condition worsened, Hancock gave him CPR and the bear continued to breathe.

Near Salem, Oregon was the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center. Hancock placed the unfortunate little bear there, which soon began to recover.

Many animal experts believe that Hancock should not have done this. Their opinion is that he should not have come anywhere near the bear in the first place.

As Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife law says, the fine for this could have been $6,000 or even a year in jail.

However, the police of this state declared that Hancock will not receive any punishment for this act of his.

Photographer Corey Hancock shared this story on Facebook.

Watch the video:

People are delighted with the act of this amazing man.

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