Trophy hunter who kills endangered elephants and lions “eaten by crocodiles”

Recently, Scott van Zyl went missing and is believed to have been eaten by crocodiles. He is a professional hunter who was on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe with his tracking dogs.

Later, his dogs returned to camp, but Scott was gone. Rescue teams soon arrived there with all their equipment and searched the area.

Scott’s tracks led all the way to the river. Sakkie Louwrens, a member of a search team, said police believe Scott was eaten by two Nile crocodiles.

He told The Telegraph that human-like remains were found in them. Forensic experts are trying to find out if this is true.

The website of SS Pro Safaris, which is owned by Scott, states that the company has conducted many safaris in South Africa. However, in southern Zimbabwe, people have been killed by crocodiles before.

Source: White Wolf Pack