Man saves dog from death row unaware she is pregnant and ends up delivering puppies

Emma is a dog that was in line for euthanasia at the Charlotte Animal Shelter, North Carolina.

However, at the last moment she was saved by an angel named Nicholas. Although he knew he had done a good deed, he didn’t even think that Emma was carrying puppies inside her at the time.

A friend told Nicholas about this dog because he knew that he always rescues dogs that need help.

Of course, Nicholas immediately decided to help Emma.

As FOX 13 reports, Nicholas wrote to the organization that he had the last rescued dog until 2016, when he sadly died of cancer.

He emphasized that he wants to adopt this wonderful dog Emma.

That soon happened, but no one told him that Emma was pregnant.

However, this was not a problem for Nicholas either because he knew how to behave with such animals. He even had experience with giving birth to domestic animals, so he also gave birth to Emma successfully.

Emma gave birth to six puppies, two females and four males.

This family is now very happy thanks to Nicholas who has a big heart.