Years of abuse couldn’t be undone, but this pup got the best ending to his tragic story

Lemur is a dog that had a very difficult life. Some heartless people just don’t understand that animal abuse is a great pain for them.

This dog, like all others, just wanted a life filled with love and attention.

After years of abuse, this dog was finally rescued, and then something very sad happened.

When he was supposed to be adopted, he died the same day.

Everything was so beautiful, he was supposed to be part of a family that loved him immediately and was ready to give him the life of his dreams.

Unfortunately, after a month his health became very bad. The consequences of abuse left a big mark. Nothing else could be changed.

When he died, he was in the hands of someone who loved him very much and was ready to give him everything he wanted.

This family was very happy to have a new member, even though it was short lived it was worth it.

Even though it ended this way, Lemur lived every moment of the last month filled with the love and care he deserves.