Man Spends $70K To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, Reveals What He Looked Like Before

In an astonishing testament to his unique spirit, Quest Gulliford, a TikTok sensation known for his resilience as a cancer survivor and adorned with a vast array of tattoos, is capturing attention with his latest viral video. Not only does he reveal his intricate full-body artwork, but he also showcases his bold choice of dyeing his eyes.

Having triumphed over Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Gulliford has poured a staggering $70,000 into his tattoo collection since embarking on his inked odyssey in 2009. His recent TikTok post provides an immersive glimpse into his journey, particularly highlighting the intense mental preparation required for undergoing eyeball tattooing.


Reflecting on the risks involved, Gulliford emphasized: “It was a gamble, but one that I had been longing for… and I’m still absolutely delighted with the outcome three years down the line”.

His dedication to his distinctive mode of self-representation surpasses the $70,000 mark, with an eye-popping $10,000 designated solely for the metamorphosis of his gaze.

Recalling the mental endurance needed during the eyeball tattoo session in Houston, Texas, Gulliford confessed: “It was quite the internal battle, even after stepping foot into the studio, to muster the courage to proceed”. This nonconformist process entails a needle traversing all angles of the eyeball, resembling more of an alteration or enhancement than a conventional skin-deep tattoo.


In an unexpected development, Gulliford unveiled his intention to revisit the same tattoo artist next month, signaling his unwavering dedication to exploring the boundaries of self-expression.

Amidst the intricate tapestry of ink decorating his body, Gulliford proudly bears symbols of his victorious battle against cancer. From the inaugural tattoo, a cross etched on his chest bearing the inscription ‘God First’, to a poignant purple ribbon commemorating his seventh-grade confrontation with Hodgkins Lymphoma, each design narrates a tale of resilience.


Reflecting on the health journey that inspired his tattoos, Gulliford recounted: “I noticed a sizable lymph node… I didn’t think much of it. It led to about six months of chemotherapy. After that, I felt like I possessed superhuman strength”.

During a candid conversation with Inked magazine in 2019, Gulliford shared his venture into facial tattoos, a decision made at the tender age of 18, much to his mother’s initial dismay. Though she gradually came to terms with smaller facial inkings, the prospect of larger designs on a more prominent canvas sparked her concerns, leading to interventions at tattoo parlors in hopes of dissuading artists from executing extensive facial artwork.


Quest Gulliford’s unabashed odyssey of self-expression, forged through trials and tribulations, continues to enthrall audiences, underscoring the notion that sometimes, the most extraordinary tales find their canvas on our skin.