Parents chose to keep their baby out of the public eye to protect her from prying stares: Now, at the age of two, she blossoms into a beautiful child

In a heartwarming display of parental love and concern, Celine Casey and her partner made a special decision for their daughter, Vienna Brookshaw, who was born in April 2021 in the United Kingdom. Upon Vienna’s arrival, Casey noticed a congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) on her forehead, nestled between her eyebrows.

Although CMN posed no threat to Vienna’s health, Casey worried about its potential impact on her daughter’s emotional well-being as she grew older. CMN is characterized by a cluster of harmless pigment cells present at birth, with the possibility of enlargement over time.

Given the rarity of Vienna’s condition and the uncertainty surrounding its progression, Casey was determined to spare Vienna any potential challenges associated with her birthmark.

Expressing her maternal concern, Casey remarked: “We cherish witnessing Vienna’s journey of growth and eagerly anticipate the day when she can articulate her own thoughts. Regardless, we would love her unconditionally, birthmark and all”.

Casey’s resolve to remove Vienna’s birthmark stemmed from the discomfort she observed when strangers would openly stare at her daughter during infancy, often treating her differently from other babies. This fueled Casey’s determination to pursue surgery for Vienna’s sake.

Despite facing initial reluctance from the NHS regarding the necessity of the surgery, Casey initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the costs. Remarkably, within 24 hours, generous donors contributed $52,000. However, due to escalating hospital expenses exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, an additional $27,000 was required.

Undeterred, Casey turned to GoFundMe once again to bridge the financial gap for Vienna’s surgery. She explained: “Everyone has insecurities about their body. While the doctor assured us Vienna’s mental health wouldn’t be impacted at this stage, we viewed it differently. With her starting school at three, we couldn’t ignore the potential impact on her”.

Now, at two years old, Vienna’s birthmark has been successfully removed, leaving only a faint scar on her forehead. Casey regularly updates on her daughter’s progress, often admiring her daughter’s beauty.

Following the surgery, the parents sought further medical assessment in London to ensure Vienna’s optimal recovery. Fortunately, Vienna remains a healthy and happy toddler, free from the need for additional medical intervention.

Warm wishes are extended to Vienna as she continues to thrive. Share her story to spread the message of love and resilience!