Man who rescued two lion cubs seven years ago returns and meets them face to face

Many times we have seen how strong the connection between man and animal is. That bond is even stronger if you have been her educator with the animal throughout her life.

There are people who are involved in animal rescue and dedicate their entire lives to it. Among them is Kevin Richarson, a man who does everything he does out of love.

When he was working in Lion Park in South Africa, he noticed a lion, more precisely a lion mother, not wanting her cubs. A lot of people would surely move away from animals at that point, but Kevin listened to his instinct and did it differently.

He did not want to leave so that the cubs would end up in a cage, but took them and put them in a park intended for wild animals. There they had the opportunity to grow and develop.

Above all, his goal was to help the cubs grow into adult and capable animals that can take care of themselves.

After 7 years, this man came to visit a couple named Meg and Amy and was expected to be in a bad mood because of their reaction to his arrival.

You can watch the fascinating scenes in the video.

Since the years had passed since their meeting for the last time, he didn’t know if they would recognize him in any way.

Kevin went to the lions without thinking though and recorded everything on camera.

One lion approached while he was near the water and called him by name.

As Kevin says as soon as Meg says and she walks towards him, he can read the words on her face, “If I get to you, will you catch me?”

This is a matter of great trust, which can be read from the very looks of the two of them.

The scenes that followed were truly mesmerizing, when she remembered Kevin, she jumped up and threw herself into his arms.

Kevin says of them that they are his soul mates and will always have an indescribable relationship no matter how long they haven’t seen each other.

He also described the way he gained their trust during the time they spent together.

He says it was really nice to watch what all the lions want to do for him. He realized that there were several ways to work with these animals in captivity. According to Kevin, Meg, Amy and he have a past that leads to birth.

Kevin was convinced that Meg and Amy were on the list of animals that needed to get a target from hunters who wanted them as trophies and he was sure that without his courage they would one day end up in such a story.

This man is also known as the “lion’s whisper”. A shelter for 3,000 lions was established by him. It is located in the African savannah and is called Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many more lions, who have lives like Meg and Amy, and 26 of them, whom he knew from the first days, he sheltered.