A goat and a rooster saved a hen from a hawk

It has always been believed that there is no solidarity when it comes to animal species. But here we have one story that puts all beliefs aside. An interesting event narrated by National Geographic in Russia took place on a Dutch farm.

CCTV cameras are credited with footage showing a goat and a rooster defending a chicken from an enemy that attacked it, and that is a hawk.

What we can see in the recorded footage is that the hen does not move from the grass, it sits completely still. And then an enemy enters the frame, tearing a few feathers from a helpless chicken.

Soon a rooster comes to the rescue, and after a short time the goat Bruin. The name of the goat is known because of the owner of the farm.

Since the chickens jumped to the aid of a rooster and a goat, the hawk had no chance so he decided to retreat. Nevertheless, these two heroes continued to chase the attacker. Pretty disappointed because she ran out of food, but the bird left anyway.

The 59-year-old Jaap Bits, who owns the farm where it all happened, decided to go out at the moment of the noise to see what was happening and thus witnessed this amazing scene.

As the owner of the farm says, there are a lot of enemies of their cattle in those places. But also this is only the third time they have tried to attack his animals.

He pointed out that in the past, animals used to take care of each other, more precisely, animals that were close to each other protected each other.