Meet Monty, the famous “Down syndrome” cat who’s capturing hearts all over

The owners of this unusual cat, Michael and Mikala, seem to be special people. They all live together in Copenhagen.

When they were in the shelter, Monty caught their eye. He is a really unusual, but special cat.

He has no nasal bone since birth. That is why it has a special appearance.

Monty’s owners share his beautiful pictures on Instagram. Now the whole world can admire him.

Monty is very different from other cats.

Regardless, he is a very cute cat.

In addition to his appearance, he also stands out with his personality.

Previously, Monty lived with several other cats, with whom he did not get along very well.

Unfortunately, this beautiful cat also has bladder problems. The consequences of this are frequent urination in sleep.

His owners often encourage him no matter what. In this way, it will be easier to go through life.

This adorable cat loves to be cuddled.

He is very gentle, but he is not afraid of anything. Even the vet doesn’t give him a problem.

Monty is an example that no one needs to be perfect to be beautiful.

For more amazing pictures and stories about Monty, follow his Instagram profile.